Creation Hub is a leading SEO Company India that offers all types of internet marketing solutions. Our dedicated SEO experts ensure you Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. We do SEO according to Google guidelines. We believe in White hat SEO techniques only. To provide good ranking and targeted traffic, we provide Google Panda and Google penguin services.


First we understand your business and find out what your unique selling proposition is. Then we set your business’s goals and objectives. Afterwards we give insight that what we can do to improve your ranking and online presence. After then we research keywords and recommend it to be optimized for your website. We research your competitors also to compare that where you stand in comparison to them. Then we do online recommendations on your website to increase the relevancy of target keywords. After all this process, we go for On-page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.


On Page Optimization is the backbone of any successful campaign. This process is controlled by the developer by coding on a web page. By this process we ensure that your website is sending right signals to the search engines.

On Page Optimization includes

  • Meta tags/Title tag changes
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Heading tag changes
  • Alt tag changes
  • Navigation Architecture
  • Keyword density in site content
  • HTML Site Map
  • XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
  • Ror.XML File creation
  • Google Webmaster tool
  • Create Robots file

What is Off Page Optimization?

Off page Optimization is the process what we can do off the pages to increase the performance of the website on the search engines.

This process includes

  • Quality Link Building
  • Directory Submission
  • Press releases, 400+ words written
  • Press Release Submission on high page rank website
  • Unique Articles will be written
  • Article Submissions on high page rank website

Why SEO is important for Websites?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. Let us explain it in detail. Suppose a person wants to buy a book online. He enters a keyword ‘Online Books’ in Google. He will find thousands of websites offering online books selling. But will he open all the websites? Of course not. He will only open the websites which are on top positions and will find best for him. Many of us do the same. Did you ever think that why some websites are on top and rest comes later? We will definitely discuss about it. We used to see only those websites. Now think from the seller’s point of view. We are living in the internet era. Today everybody is busy in his life. He has no time to linger on here and there for things. If we require anything whether it is small or big, first of all we search it on internet. It’s easy for us to compare product with other products which we want to buy on internet. So it has become very essential for a business man to place his products on internet to get more exposure. But by only making a website, is his target achieved? No. When a website is ready, it has to fight with its competitive websites to make its position on search engine. But the question is how? Answer is by the help of Search engine optimization. In Search Engine Optimization we optimized particular website for specific keywords so that website could get higher rank in any search engine. It is an ongoing process. We cannot achieve top rank in a day. No shortcut method is available for this. If we will go for shortcut methods, Google can ban the website. It is called ‘Black hat SEO’ and Google does not allow it. So we should make it clear in our mind that it is not a ready-made solution which we have to in our website. It’s a complete process which takes minimum 45 days to show results.


Because only Creation Hub can give you the quality SEO services in affordable price. When you will Google SEO India or SEO Company India, you will find thousands of companies offering their services. But very few of them can promise you quality work. Creation Hub has a team of SEO experts. Our expertise ensures Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, AOL. Creation Hub promises guaranteed Top rank with money back guaranty, none other company does this. Creation Hub gives you the best solution which you require for your website. So connect to Creation Hub and grow your business.

Our SEO Packages

Creation Hub offers 3 SEO packages SEO Basic, SEO Plus and SEO Advance. These packages are very economical and are designed in such a way that they fulfill any kind of business’s requirement. No matter it is big or small.SEO Basic is our starter plan based on 5 keywords basically designed for small businesses. SEO Plus is 10 keywords based plan for medium businesses. SEO Advance is 50 keywords based program for large scale businesses.

Our Services SEO Basic SEO Plus SEO Advance
Website Attributes
Number of Keywords 5 10 15
Delivery Time Frame 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Cost Per Month $120 $200 $320
Research & Audit
Keywords research 5 10 15
Competitive Analysis
Google Panda / Penguin Update Audit
On-page Evaluation
Backlink Profiling
Bad Link Removals
On-Page Optimization Activities
Meta Tags/Title Tag Changes
Alt Tag Changes
Navigation Architecture
W3C Validation
URL Rewriting
Keyword Density in Site Content
HTML Site Map
XML Site Map and Submission
Robots.Txt File Creation
Google Webmaster Tool
Google Analytics
Off-Page Optimization Activities
Directory Submission (Approved) 10 15 20
Press Releases, 400+ Words Writing 1 3 5
Press Release Submissions 10 20 35
Unique Articles Writing 2 5 7
Article Submissions 15 25 40
One Way Link Building 5 10 15
Forum Postings 2 on 5 website 4 on 10 website 8 on 10 website
Blog Commenting 3 on 5 website 7 on 10 website 15 on 10 website
Guest Blogging 5 10
Classified Ads Submission 5 10 20
Social Bookmarking
Google Circle / Likes monitoring
Business Pages (Facebook / Google+)
Group Creation
Video Promotion
SEO Reports
Cost Per Month $120 $200 $320